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Does anybody think that Tevin may have an injury to worry about?


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I am hearing in fantasy news but not in regular sports radio or press that much that Tevin Coleman might have an injury this week.  It does not sound serious but he definitely did not have big stats in New England and it sounds from ESPN's site (below) that he is being limited.

I also wonder whether the weather in New Jersey for this week might be a concern that will need us to run the ball more.  Will this be the worst game for Tevin?  Would Devonta be able to handle many more carries/catches?  Will Sarkisian be able to call a normal run/pass game game?


News: Coleman (knee) practiced in a limited capacity Thursday. (Thu Oct 26)

Spin: For the second straight day, the Falcons placed a cap on Coleman's practice reps. Speaking to Orlando D. Ledbetter of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, head coach Dan Quinn said Thursday that the development is the result of a knee injury suffered Sunday in New England. The contest marked Coleman's first of the season without a reception en route to just 16 yards from scrimmage. In the short term, it may be difficult to count on Coleman if he's unable to pad his stat line as a pass catcher.


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10 minutes ago, jlrfalcon said:

Cannot explain why but my first thread posted twice so I changed one and then discovered the system deleted the second one-so I have changed this one back.

I deleted one before it had any replies figuring they were the same, just to do a little cleanup.  My bad

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