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So I'm looking for Falcons canvasses and look at what I find

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Of all the pictures out there of Matt Ryan they thought this one would appeal to Falcons fans?

EDIT from Moderator:

The picture was of Matt Ryan after the SB loss, but here is a response from the website:

"Hi Guys,

I am one of the co-founders of Canvasist.com and look after the PR/Marketing of the new venture. 

Well it's always said there is no such thing as bad publicity in our circle but unfortunately I am sure they didn't handle a lot of angry fans before :)

I am terribly sorry guys. We really need to get a better control over the design selection in the near future. Since we are a small team of 6 people, we haven't been able to hire a lot of designers yet and therefore not all our designers are updated with all the sports that we cater too.

Having said this, you guys brought my attention to something which should have not been there in the first place and I have already taken steps to rectify it and putting up a lot of Falcon canvases by tomorrow. 

If you guys love any specific players, I can have my guys look up good designs for them. Generally since the canvases are large in size, we need some real high definition images to make sure they look good. 

Also, we are gonna do a massive 50-70% off on canvases from 28th as a Pre Black Friday Sale and you guys have an additional 20% off on the same while using the code 'Falcons20'.

That's the least we could do.

Thanks and good luck for the current season! Maybe we will have an super bowl image sooner then you think!

P.S - would love it if you could maybe pin my apology so that the people who checked out the wrong canvas earlier can view it. 



Jinesh Shah,



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For those curious, I did get a response:

Hi there,

So today I suddenly see that one of our products is getting a zillion hits which is very strange as generally we don't have the product as a landing page for any promotions. So I try to find the source and I end up at your board and looking at some of the comments, I realised the goof up our designer had made. 

Generally they pick up designs which they like however I am sure none of them are Falcon Fans. 

However Currently I have replaced the picture, and I have instructed them to get me atleast 3-4 canvases for the Falcons.

You have no idea how embarrassed I am right now and I am sorry for you guys have to relive that moment again through the canvas 

In order to make up for it and when we get some new designs onboard, I would like to offer you this discount code Falcons20 which will give you a superior discount then any other codes we have running right now and also we are having some sick black friday sales between 28th October - 3rd October. I'll get a lot for falcon canvases up by then!

I am sorry for the misunderstanding.

P.S - I tried creating an account at the boards to apologize publicly but unfortunately it is taking some time to get it approved.



So it seems like it was what Expert Poster stated earlier - whoever did it were oblivious. To their credit, they fixed the issue very quickly and even wanted to apologize.

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