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I say it's Still Sark and Quinn's Fault... Not Matt Ryan's.

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To borrow from coach Dennis Green: Matt Ryan is who we thought he was... 

1. When the game is put squarely on his decision making, he's a 2 to 1 TD/INT ratio QB and often struggles in tight situations. This is where (I hate to say it) the genius of Shanahan's playcalling saved him: In the WCO:

"In contrast, the West Coast offense as it originated with Bill Walsh in 1979 is any play or set of plays that tie the quarterback's feet to the receiver's route so there is a sense of timing.

The offense cannot be taught or run based solely on a playbook. If a coach has no history in the West Coast and wants to teach it based on a playbook, he wouldn't get it. Timing and choreography, not plays, are what make the West Coast offense." - Steve Young

The Choreography last year seemed to take a lot of the pressure off of Matt, having to rely on his footwork coming out from under center. In 2016, ATL was 32 in the league in running plays out of Shotgun, being under center 60% of the time:

NFL Shotgun Frequency, 2016
Highest Rate of Shotgun Lowest Rate of Shotgun
1 SF 99% 28 DAL 51%
2 DET 84% 29 TB 50%
3 BUF 80% 30 ARI 49%
4 CAR 78% 31 DEN 43%
5 GB 76% 32 ATL 40%

2. Quinn talks about putting players in a position to highlight what they do best. Does he not know this about Matt Ryan? Then there's Sark: he's learning Matt Ryan, but he should've studied Matt comparing him under Koetter and Shanahan, the film is there. No matter how much Ryan seemed to be disconnected from Shanny, he benefited a lot from Shanny's stubborn view of him: Don't let one half of a superbowl harden you from this reality. 

3. I don't have the exact percentages this year, but Matt's in shotgun A LOT, missing open players and relying on his eyes instead of his footwork. When we run the ball well under center in I or single back formation, we jump to shotgun formations not taking advantage of play-action opportunities and Matt is left playing from a position of weaknesses instead of his strengths. This is the coaches fault: Quinn and Sark. Matt is who we thought (and seen 10+ seasons) he was.

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