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The issue(s) that I really worry about and you should too


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Things I thought (and hoped for) before this season:

1.  Sarc would be just a plug and play OC with Matt Ryan telling him what the offense should look like.  I'm talking comparable to Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, where the OC really doesn't matter.  I thought that Matt Ryan looked like he had made the Lambo Leap and was in the upper echelons of Qb's.  You need to basically be your own OC to be in the league of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning.

2.  We just got rid of a DC and now we actually have someone worse, Marquand Manuel.  Its obvious that we are playing Man to man and generating no pass rush.  Its OBVIOUS we need to run more stunts and bring more pressure from Blitzing.  If your going to run press man to man, you need to have a pass rush or get creative with blitzing.

3.  We need a power running game.  I get that Freeman is a good running back but I've seen WAYY to many 2nd and two's that doesn't convert.  We need someone who can at least fall forward for the couple of yds instead of seeing Freeman and Coleman getting nicked at the LOS and not gaining any yards.  Take some pressure off of MR.

4.  Get the playmakers the ball.  We have Julio, Taylor Gabriel, Freeman, Coleman, etc  They need to be the primary targets.  Julio getting one look in the end zone, just doesn't cut it.

I believe we have the most talented team in the league, but we are lacking in a few areas.  To me, the pivot is Matt Ryan, he needs to have a JESUS moment with Sark and let loose.  DQ needs to take over the Defensive Coordinator just like he did last yr.

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49 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

You do realize our d coordinator was relieved of play calling duties by Quinn mid season because our defense was so terrible last yr right?

Exactly, He's the HC and now he can CLEARLY see that the defense is out of control and our current DC isn't making the correct adjustments.  Yep, its time to have him take over again AND Matt Ryan needs to take control of Sark and the offense.

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