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@PeytonMannings Forehead, we need you brother.  We need something to hang our hat on here.  We need some Xs and Os that tell us this is fixable and we can clean it up.  

No rush -- we appreciate all you do.  Just throwing it out there.  We need reassurance.  Or if there isn't any, at least confirmation that this team is in a death spiral right now so we can find better things to do on Sunday afternoons.

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I love PMF’s hard work and contribution to TATF...but it’s almost fools gold at this point.  Pull up the 4-5 best plays from Sunday and we assume the other 50 plays will look like that next week.  Every team has good plays.  What makes you great is doing it in every series of every quarter of every game.  

As the great Joe Gibbs said: “there are 20 very good Offensive Coordinater’s in the NFL, but there are only 4 or 5 great in-game play callers...guys who thrive when the game takes the offense off script.”  Sark seems to struggle off script.

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Julio at least had a good game yesterday - almost double digit catches and a TD.  It was not a spectacular game but at least the best of the season for him.

Ryan did not throw an interception yesterday and actually has more TD's than interceptions this year now.

We are only 1 game out of 1st and could sweep the Saints later this year if necessary to take 1st.

Our next game is against the Jets who even lost to the Dolphins also.

Nobody except I believe Riley was injured in the game yesterday so we are still near full strength.

We do not have to face the NE Patriots again (unless both of us make it to the Superbowl) for 4 years and Brady will be retired by then hopefully.

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Falcons jerseys, footballs, etc. are selling cheap right now on the Internet.

PSL "ticket resales" have to be going at a low price right now.

The Buccaneers are in even worse shape right now (with our old coaches).

All our pro teams (ignoring soccer) are bad now, so all will be good at the same time?

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