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Where is it? This team has none: How can you go over to the sideline after getting stopped on 4th down to give high 5’s & slap hands like you accomplished something?

How many times have they had to endure the 28-3 memes & comments in the off-season? To come out flat like that is inexcusable 

How come after every turnover, the team is sitting by themselves? 

We need an emotional leader to gather the troops when adversity strikes. 

Not a cry baby like Dez Bryant but like some Seahawks players. They’re not afraid to get in someone’s butt.

where’s the heart?

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I think Freeney somewhat played that role for the defense last year. I don't think Allen has enough respect as a player to pull that off. Takk could become that guy over time.

I'm not sure about the offense. Julio is more lead by example. It should be Ryan, but I think he's suffering a little confidence crisis right now. Sanu maybe.

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