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Seriously... who would replace Sark

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I don't really ever overreact to this stuff, but this team looks awful and the playcalling is beyond pathetic.  Running some cutsey trick play with 4th and half a yard to go?  GTFO.  


The Ravens fired Cam Cameron and promoted Jim Caldwell during their 2012/13 Superbowl run.  I don't know who on the Falcon's staff would replace Sark, but he needs to be gone, or I will find better things to do with my Sundays...

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Raheem Morris can step in tomorrow and do a better job imo. Then you find a young, talented QB coach sitting on another team. You know like the guy we let walk last year that should've been given a shot.


This is not the same situation Shanahan walked into his first year. Sark was given the keys to a Ferrari and can't get out of first great. 

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8 minutes ago, andrews31cain21 said:

I know it wont happen, but if AB put pressure on DQ to get rid of him, who do we have that could step in?   This is totally embarassing... it looks like we are quitting

At this point,  I'll take anyone that's an a-hole.  We heard all through the off season how everyone likes Sark, and he's a real player's coach. Yeah, well, you guys are definitely playing like it.

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