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We still don't have the right OC...


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And if we don't change,, You can forget this season..  I feel like Shanny was our weakness when he was here because he didn't run enough ,, But our OC now is even worse than Shanny ,, Terrible play calling and low percentage plays equals what your watching tonight.. We went from bad OC to terrible OC.. You can forget this year if they don't make the change.. Don't believe me? Are you watching the game tonight.. Worst play calling I've seen with this team in years.... We need a top OC that has a lot of history in the NFL.. We're done until they get the right OC. And stupid plays like Claiborne has had so many of those.. it changes the game so much when we have such a big personal foul.. We are not playing smart...  And we need a seasoned successful past history OC. I can't believe they didn't make sure they got that right. Probably to late this season to get another OC that would be worth the change right now.. It's really simple. Wrong OC,, Again,, At least shanny only had one fault of not running the ball enough. This OC has so many problems ,, it would take a while to cover them all. It's sad that this team is loaded with talent but yet, it does no good with a bad system on O#. And no,, it's not our D# that's bad,, it is our OC play calling. 

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21 minutes ago, Sui_Generis said:

And no blame on Ryan? He has been garbage this season too. Over throws every game. Lack of audibles, poor decision making, etc.


Plenty of blame to go around.

It's not Ryan,, He is told what to do by the OC..  If you can't see what's going on here. You'd have to be blind.. Sark is a terrible OC and he will be the one that gets fired ,, Not Ryan. 

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