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Anyone really surprised?

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No.  Not really.

I mean, some of us tried to say it.

I'm not surprised that we're going to lose here.  Always knew that and nothing I saw over the last two games suggested otherwise.

I AM however surprised that we have gotten shut out by a defense that was struggling this much.  This is a sign that things are much worse than I initially thought.  The board will do its usual implosion but folks will realize when we are 3-5 how bad we are.

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Not shocked at all at the loss. But after hearing the team say they were over SB52 and then they follow up with this performance tonight what that showed me was that it was a lie.  The Pats were still on their mind and they played like a team that had no clue. Just as they played when the Pats went on the scoring run in SB52. 

Watching this game was almost like watching the SB again when it went downhill for us. They were overmatched and completely clueless. We can boast and laugh about us owning Green Bay but I'm afraid the damage that was done to this team by the Pats in Feb and tonight is far worse than what we did Green Bay.  The champs killed our confidence and I'm not quite sure we can recover this season.  I sure hope so but I won't hold my breath. 

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