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Pondering the Falcons: Focus


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It could be totally random, or there could be something to it. The best game our offense has played was against GB. Our most consistent defensive effort over 60 minutes was against an AR led offense. Part of me really wants to believe that the Falcons simply have a focus problem. In other words, they are playing to the level of their competition. Another part of me finds that scary to our aspirations this season if true.

I have been a hangover denier all season. I still mostly am. That said, I know that inwardly each person has been infinitely aware that this game was on the schedule. I think their subconscious circled it even if they have honestly convinced themselves it is just another game. So, why I don't think they are losing because they are so depressed over blowing a lead; I do find it likely that they have been at least inwardly focused on making that right this week. If they come out flat this week, I'll know I was wrong and the problem runs deeper than "focus." However, if they smash the Patriots and lose to the Jets...well.

I really want to believe that this team is going to come out with laser focus and lay an, "Any questions?" level of performance on the Pats. That said, that level of confidence is eluding me. I want it to be true...but is it?



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