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The Ability to Accept a Win. - Mental Game


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Why we loose and let teams come back is not that other teams adapt at half time, it's not that we play sloppy or get tired, all teams do, it's not that we have a few penalties called at the wrong time, all teams do. it's not that the coaches are calling wrong plays, all coaches do.

This is what Dimitroff and Quinn need to figure out - how to change this mental state that Matt Ryan and team somehow cannot accept victory. This happens every day to people who self-destruct - deep inside they find ways to self-destruct. Whatever reason people have to want to feel the pain or have people feeling sorry for them - this has infected the Falcons starting with Matt Ryan.

Everyone wants to win on the surface - just maybe not on the inside.  

Quinn needs to figure out how to win despite this Mental State existing in the Falcons.


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