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Marvin Hall Jumps Nick Williams on the depth chart


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News Broke today that Marvin Hall has leaped over Nick Williams on the depth chart.  Before getting carried away, however, I need to go back to Sunday.  40 Yard Bomb for a touchdown early, then like many of his Falcons teammates, disappears completely failing to catch another ball..........not sure what to make of this.  Its still October and all I want is a Middle Linebacker for Christmas! 

Anyway, here is the article:

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Marvin Hall displaced fifth round draft pick Brian Hill last week. Not only did Hall take Hill’s spot on the active roster, he made his Falcons debut in dramatic fashion. His 40+ yard touchdown catch will go a long way towards keeping him on the roster going forward. What’s more, it immediately put him ahead of Nick Williams on the Falcons depth chart.

Making the jump from member of the practice squad to WR4 in less than a week isn’t bad. It’s a particularly meaningful jump for Hall given his NFL resume. Remember, Hall went undrafted out of Washington before getting cut by the Oakland Raiders and laboring on the Arizona Cardinals practice squad.

Hall isn’t getting lucky here, notwithstanding Mohamed Sanu’s injury and Julio Jones’ recent recovery from a hip flexor. Hall has earned this. What he will make of this opportunity remains to be seen, but for now, the Falcons obviously see him as a better option than the reliably reliable Williams.

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