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Who All On Here Honestly Believe That We Will Win On Sunday?


Falcons @ Patriots  

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  1. 1. Will we beat the Pats on Sunday?

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    • No

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It really says something when several threads have been created about defeating the next opponent. . . . and it ain't even the middle of the week yet. . . . It's like some of you have to keep telling yourselves in order to convince yourselves that we'll beat them . . . .

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Unfortunately.the hated pats are about to finish our season for all intents and purpose as far as any post season pipe dream. I don't have any idea what had happened to this team,this dream we,d been looking to since last feb 5th. What a shame to waste such a devoted fan base.

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15 hours ago, #22 said:

Time for the Falcons to show up or shut up. Falcons win 31 - 21 on national television.

And Chris Collinsworthless...shut your big mouth.

With that score he will claim that the Patriots can still win if they have the ball and there is 17 seconds left on the clock

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Think about it......we demolished the Packers who are arguably the best team we have played on our schedule. As for the remaining mediocre teams we played....we played down to there level.  You see what I am getting at here?   There is a super bowl hangover going on with this team. There is no way that the Falcons don't improve there game at Foxboro on Sunday...they have been waiting for this game since February. I'm telling you....Falcons are bringing it on Sunday...and they are going to win. 

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We have all the talent we need to beat them. I was actually looking at Elliott Harrison's predictions for last week and he actually said "Will the Falcons play down to their opponent once again?" Pshaw I said. Well thats exactly what they did.

Maybe the Dolphins game was the exact wake up call that these guys needed. So I say we pull out this game and shock the world. I have said this before in other threads but my guess is that DQ has been lighting some fires this. If he is the "Big Brother" then he has been kicking 53 little brothers ***** this week. 

Falcons win 38-28

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23 hours ago, Dirty South Bird said:

Oddly enough, I think they'll actually show up for this one, Seattle, and the division games.  They don't seem to care about the others if they're not marquee match ups. 

Then they do not deserve to win any.  Oooo let me guess, they are holding back to fall under the radar and sneak up on the league at the end.

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7 hours ago, RichardCNile said:

I voted no based on past performance so far this year.  

Other than the 1 GB game, we have not put together 4 solid quarters of football.  If we play like we did in chicago, buffalo, miami or detriot, we will lose.  

We pretty much let GB back in that game too. Our D got gassed and one of our DBs had to stay down so they could call an injury timeout to get them a breather... I believe if GB woulda had a another 2 drives it woulda been ugly.

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18 hours ago, jay1k2 said:

No doubt we have the talent to crush NE. But if we continue to execute poorly like we have been we will probably lose.

Yes we have the talent.  On the field.

I'm seriously concerned about the talent on the sidelines though. 

The coaches are overmatched...big time.  I'm really concerned our coordinators just aren't qualified.

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On 10/17/2017 at 4:12 PM, mikeg272 said:

I honestly think that's part of our issue in the second half of the Miami game. Shouldn't look past anyone at any point but I think we started looking toward the NE game.

I hope and think we show up for this one.

maybe they took the second half of the miami game off because they were 3 scores ahead and it was cutler.........and they were looking ahead to this week



I for one voted no, we won't win this week. Jay freaking Cutler looked like Tom Brady out there the second half last week, just stop and think what the ACTUAL Tom Brady will look like against us. The pats will take the first half off again, then stomp a mudhole in the defense in the second half

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