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Biggest game for Atlanta for more reason than 1

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The Falcons are officially 0-5 going against a Tom Brady led Patriots team. With the 5th loss being the worst loss the Falcons have ever had...in franchise history. No not because of point margin but because they blew a 28-3 4th qtr lead which would have given them their first Super Bowl win. The Patriots were so proud of it they had 28-3  banners on opening night. Lets forget about all that and go to the fact the Falcons are 3-2 (could easily be 1-4) and are 1-2 in Arthur World. So many bells and whistles in there, fans don't go to their seats. Panthers are leading the division, Saints are catching up and you can never count out the Bucs. Falcons come in on a 2 game loosing streak...in which they blew a 17 point half time lead. Patriots are a better match up for the Falcons than the last two teams but we will find out Sunday night if the Falcons are a threat to the NFC South...at all.

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1 minute ago, The Great American said:

Wow!!  You just have to wonder what the media's story line is going to be coming into this game!!   Last week's collapse will fuel their fire.  What's the over/under on the number of times we'll hear 28-3?   

Hard to say.  My desk calculator only goes up to 11 digits. 

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