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What Will Be Our First Loss This Year?


What Will Be Our First Loss This Year?  

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  1. 1. What Will Be Our First Loss This Year?

    • Week 4 - Buffalo Bills
    • Week 6 - Miami Dolphins
    • Week 7 - at New England Patriots
    • Week 8 - at New York Jets
    • Week 9 - at Carolina Panthers
    • Week 10 - Dallas Cowboys
    • Week 11 - at Seattle Seahawks
    • Week 12 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Week 13 - Minnesota Vikings
    • Week 14 - New Orleans Saints
    • Week 15 - at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    • Week 16 - at New Orleans Saints
    • Week 17 - Carolina Panthers
    • We go unbeaten!

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3 hours ago, JCITOW said:

If falcons keep playing as they are now, Brady will beat them.

But do we get a break with having our bye week 2 weeks before meeting them (Dolphins in between) - time to get well?  They play at Tampa Bay (will they do us a favor?) and then at the Jets before meeting us and might be really banged up by week 7.

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If we keep playing close games, we will lose some of them. We have to do better at avoiding 3 turnover games so they don't get close. 

I honestly think we will just have a week when were not into it. Something weird. For instance, I could see us beating New England and then laying an egg against the Jets the next week. Hopefully I'll be at both of those games. They are around my neck of the woods. 

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On 9/28/2017 at 2:04 PM, JD dirtybird21 said:

I can see the Patriots laying an egg and getting blown out by us. The media will hype this game up like crazy and I could so see Belichick not caring at all, letting the Falcons take the win, and then brushing off the press conference. It’s an outer conference game, the ramifications are actually small. Bill knows that. It’s like when Gregg Popovich “coincedentally” decides to bench his stars against the warriors during a regular season game 

Yeah definitely, plus the Falcons will do a demolition job on them similar to the Chiefs. The Patriots are the least of my concerns. It's those odd games like the Bills, Dolphins, Vikings that we could have some bad breaks, not play well and lose. 

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It is humorous to read threads like this again versus now but it is also somewhat reassuring that all might not be lost.  I think I said we would finish 11-5 in my preseason predictions and broke it out by game:

At Chicago W 1-0

Green Bay W 2-0

At Detroit W 3-0

Buffalo W 4-0

Miami W 5-0

At New England L 5-1

At NY Jets W 6-1

At Carolina L 6-2

Dallas W 7-2

At Seattle L 7-3

Tampa Bay W 8-3

Minnesota W 9-3

New Orleans W 10-3

At Tampa Bay L 10-4

At New Orleans L 10-5

Carolina W 11-5


I was obviously wrong about Buffalo and Miami but actually was not wrong about New England and at Carolina.  I still am not afraid to say that maybe we could still go 11-5 with perhaps some momentum (win at Seattle-MNF? will TB be terrible by week 15? take the division from NO in their palace?).

You may say the team is in shambles right now and all is wrong but all you have to do is look back at late September when most of us were thinking just the opposite to realize how quickly things change.  And, with 5 division games left, we do still control our fate.


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On 9/28/2017 at 1:14 PM, FalconAge said:

I could see a weird game with the Cowboys or Dolphins.

They can play keep-away with their runningback, and we have yet to see how Sark responds to being severely on the wrong side of time of possession.

Dilly Dilly

That Dolphins game was one for the wretched history book of the Atlanta Falcons.

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