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The pain of losing super bowl 51 is finally starting to go away


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18 hours ago, Sipifalcon said:

I understand where youre coming from but it still hurts like helll everyday for me... I think abt it everyday smh to think we were up 25 with 17 mins left roughly... Nothing will ever change that for me even if we win the sb i would say it should be 2 trophys instead of 1...

I think you should seek therapy. Not in a condescending way but if this loss is really something you think about on a daily basis it's really unhealthy. I hope you're just being overly dramatic for effect. 

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It sucks but not as much as it used to. I think of how freaking dominant we were in the playoffs last year and man if we could've finished the job it probably would've went down as one of if the most dominating post season runs by a team. Even if there's some before us we would've been right there.

But this is a good team and I see us getting one. We're too good of a team not to do it. 

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Took some vacation time to watch the game with my pops in Atlanta.

When we were up 25, I like many others, already started envisioning the parade on Peachtree and the absolute movie it would have been.

The pain will never go away, but it gets better over time. We didn't lose that game against Andy Dalton or Ryan Tannehill though. We lost against the greatest QB and coach of all time. There's no shame in losing to a team that's practically in the SB every other year. The shame starts and stops with the lead that was held.

All last year I thought it was paved for us to win that game, mainly because of the lucky bounces where we should have been picked off twice against OAK and just avoiding serious injuries for the most part.

This year, had we lost that game against CHI and let GB come back, I would have definitely said SB hangover and that this team just doesn't have a chance this year. But sure enough, the defense held their own against CHI and GB and we got one of those calls to save the day against DET.

Yes, it sucks getting knocked off the top of the mountain right before you implant your flag. I hate to keep taking shots at the guy, but a Smitty led team would have stayed down and wallowed in pity. There's something about this DQ guy that players are really believing in.

And that's my hope. That this guy is different. That this guy has hit on so many of his draft picks, we could afford a flop (Collins/possibly Riley) without much criticism. Dude took over what most said was a 3-4 year project and got them to the Super Bowl in two seasons and has a chance to already become the greatest coach in the city's history.


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On 9/27/2017 at 3:55 PM, ChickenBiscuit said:

I was just happy that was nothing that Saints fans could hold over our heads anymore. When we were up 25, in that moment -- we were the better franchise. They're declining and will soon be a Browns-like organization and with that Super Bowl win would've cemented that we're just better. And against New England of all teams.

I still don't get what we did to deserve that. We were the better team. Our defense ******* balled and we couldn't just run the ball? Why? 

But yeah, I'm glad the season helps me get my mind off of it. But then it doesn't because the announcers mention it every time we have a lead.  

Couldn't? Or just didn't run the ball. Freecwas on pace for a big game and the OC just said let's make our passing game the hero and spotlight of the game. 

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