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We had some guys in for tryouts today

ike barn87987

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Falcons had four guys in for tryout today: LB Kennan Gilchrist, LB Kenneth Olugbode, LB Kache Palacio, and RB Josh Rounds. Always looking for linebacker depth, special teams help, practice squad development. OLB Vic Beasley still nursing a hamstring strain, too. Falcons have one banged up RB in Terron Ward (neck, shoulder). Rookie Brian Hill was active as third RB vs. Lions in place of Ward but didn't play.

i?img=%2Fi%2Fcolumnists%2Ffull%2Fmcclure_vaughn.png&w=80&h=80&scale=cropVaughn McClure, ESPN Staff Writer
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They're all from this last draft except for Palacio, and all the LBs look to be more of off scrimmage guys than pass rushers. They're also slow as dirt with the exception of Gilchrist.





Tells me they're not satisfied with Tripp and Grace isn't ready yet.

The RB is probably for the PS since we brought up Vellano.


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