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Tickets to Bills game?

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$48 to see AZ vs SF, and they'll get cheaper nearer to the weekend. https://seatgeek.com/49ers-at-cardinals-tickets/10-1-2017-glendale-arizona-university-of-phoenix-stadium/nfl/3851297 32 teams x 53 players + 3000 team staff pissed off at Trump, millions of fans cheering the President for saying what's been on thier minds for two seasons now. We come to watch a football game not a protest, the league will pay dearly. 

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4 hours ago, thestufford said:

Hey all,

The military sent me back stateside for a couple weeks and am planning on making a trip to Atlanta this weekend.  Anyone have decently priced tickets to the game this weekend for sale?  Or have a strategy for buying tickets in the new stadium?  I only need two.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Yes me and my wife are selling 2 seats. Section 328. 

If interested, email me at playboytre@gmail.com and we can talk some more about it. Price. Etc etc. 

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