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Falcons @ Lions - Your bold predictions


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Falcons win going away on the legs of Free and Coleman.  

Falcons get in sync on their running game early and hit paydirt which opens up some deep play action opportunities.  Sark sticks with the run into the 3rd and 4th quarters allowing Free and TeCo to pad their stats sheet with 160 yards rushing and 3 TD's among them.  

Stafford gets 2 TD's but also has 2 INT's in the 4th qtr allowing Atlanta's O-Line to bully the Detroit defense as the two headed monster continues to feed.  


How do you see it going?  

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2 minutes ago, melvin2345 said:

Bold prediction, eh?

Paul Worrilow has 15 tackles, 3 sacks and a pick 6, leading the Lions defense on their way to holding Atlanta to 7 field goals on the day. Detroit wins by 3 points.


I may have ventured beyond bold and tip-toed into madness.......

That's face planting into madness.

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6 minutes ago, RichardCNile said:

Dude, just to to your closet and get a pair of your work pants and ask her "Do these fit you?"  Shen she says "no"  you say "**** right, I wear the pants around here."  

yeah but she may grab a pair of her pants and say "can you get in these?" and when he says "no", she'll say "and you never will again with that attitude!"

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