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Trading Tevin Coleman?

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4 minutes ago, #1ATLFALCONSFAN said:

I'm sure we wouldn't trade him today/this season. I'm saying I would listen to offers in the future

I'm not sure what you mean about FS, but I don't think downgrading at RB is necessarily good. It all depends on the compensation. We've seen a team like the Patriots trade great players all of the time. Tevin Coleman is the better RB out of he and Freeman imo so I realize he's a great player. However, that's also why his trade value is higher than it's ever been and will ever be. I'm sure Kyle Shanahan, for instance, would love to get Coleman and may be willing to give up a ton to do so. There are other teams as well that need a #1 RB and feel confident that he could be their's. 

I don't think we have the depth to make that trade.

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2 hours ago, Vandy said:


Why lol?  If it's because no one is offering a high 1st then yeah I agree but if it's because we shouldn't trade him and get nothing in return then I don't understand.  We have a lot of talent and if Teco keeps putting up big numbers and stays healthy we won't be able to afford to keep him, Beasley, Matthews, etc.  With what I'm seeing on this team and how we are drafting we're eventually going to lose some players that'd we'd rather keep.  I'm not saying I want to trade Teco but at this point I'd rather keep Beasley for instance.

Oh and if it's for a late 2nd or something like that and he finishes out the season like we've seen so far then I'd just keep him next season, let him play it out, and get the comp pick when some other team over pays for him.

Short story... I'd listen to offers next off-season.

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4 hours ago, Yo_Lover said:

Who replaces Coleman?? 

And who cares if it's on the first page?? It's a bunch of people just telling you they're schedule is the same as ours and talking about other teams. They aren't even talking about Tampa's schedule being "easy" because no one cares.

Edit : Lol the last 2 responses in your thread are you. Of course it'll stay front page if you keep bumping it. Eventually someone else will reply.

Dangit young buck, don't give him tips like bumping keeps it on the front page



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