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GigaPixel - Find yourself in the Benz

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Took me 15 mins to find someone I know, Tandy

Glad to see you made it to the game!

Looking for bird lady to see if she made it to game. Never found her!

Coolest dressed Falcon fan, I found, is to the lower left of Falcon's tunnel!

He's got a Dr Seuss Hat, Pimped Braves/Falcons leather jacket  and red gloves! 

The Jesus Cheesehead guy right near him!

Spock is sitting above the 1:26 clock!

LOL, Black girls got the Juice! T-shirt

Shocked at all the Cheeseheads with the best seat locations!

Next time,

They should've made an announcement,

Hey, everyone stare at the red ball on the field,

right next to the camera!

That would be freaky!

Creepiest was the top row Headless Matt Ryan fan, and the Julio Ghost walking away guy!

I saw at least three people get Double pictures while walking.

Roddy White is on the sideline near Falcons tunnel.

Bruce Matthews (Jake's dad) is near goal post.

Hottest girls, Cheerleaders in the tunnel, sideIine reporters( x2) and one at the 35 about 20 rows up!

Also, they photo-shopped Freddie into the picture, he is in there twice!

He is at the cheerleaders tunnel and then in the upper deck!

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