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Was the Super Bowl Hangover real?


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I say it was! Or it was a combination of factors.

The Super Bowl hangover is just mental. When you lose a game like that there has to be some residual doubt that is still there. Has to be. That doubt along with the fact we were very rusty led to the play in Chicago. That rust was started in the preseason. I think starters should play into the third quarter of that 3rd preseason just to knock off the rust. And especially with Shark being new. It showed in Chicago. We won however. So the hangover starts to fade.


Greenbay comes to town. We are smoking them middle of the third quarter we start to burn clock. Little beads of sweat start to form. Yep that d-a-m-n Super bowl hangover again! That little mental doubt is back again. I had it. You had it. The players had it. I don't care what they say it was there! Shark goes on to call a great final 4th quarter. Running the Rock and throwing in passes in the perfect places. The players do there job on offense and defense. Falcons win 2-0. The Hangovers gone. That mental doubt is gone.


All gas no brakes!!!!!..........All the way to the Super bowl. No Doubt Now!

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There is none. While SB losers rarely make it back the next year, most losing teams over the last decade maintained a 10-6 record or better. In other words, they were still great. Recency bias is huge and the NFL just saw the 15-1 Panthers go 6-10 and simply assumed this always happens. It doesn't. Most teams maintain the same record as last season +/- a couple wins. Interestingly though, teams with the biggest drops next season were the ones that had the best records the year before (15-1, 14-2, etc.)

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If you listen to players, which are the only ones that matter regarding the hangover, then yes losing a critical game will affect you. Simply, it's human nature to second guess yourself about what you could have done different. More complex, its the fans, the media, the "outside noise" reminding you that you may never get the opportunity to be a "winner" again. It's most certainly real.

Is it real (IE affecting)for Atlanta? Well it doesn't seem to be since we have now won 2 games and where there were chances we could have played soft, not fought hard and lost

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