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why did falcons.com stop posting the full pressers?


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I don't know why, but its awful! Im really ready to just trash the app.

Edit: Just for info. If you go to the app store and leave a bad review and mention this as one of the reasons you don't like the app. They do read those. I know it's not just the app, it's the site in general, but it's a way of getting your point across.

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1 hour ago, BCEagleATLFalcon said:

Been wondering EXACTLY the same thing. I used to really enjoy the full interviews. And the Dan Quinn show that was always posted Monday night.

exactly. i sent an email about it to them...no response. ok Twitter is next



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Great question. I miss it a lot. Market research in many areas has said that people in their mid 30's and younger aren't going to click on anything that takes over about 45 seconds to consume.  I think we should have the option of clicking one press conference video instead of 13 clips of it. 

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