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First Off Play in New Stadium plus Trivia Questions....

egoprime II

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I wasn't a football fan when Atlanta Fulton County stadium first opened, so I don't know how AFCS opened.....

But I did witness the opening of the Georgia Dome.  So here is the 'trivia' question(s):

The day the Dome opened, name the following:

Who was the Falcon's HC?  Who was our starting QB?

What was the first Offensive play run by the Falcons in the Dome?   What was the result of that play?

Finally... name four Falcons on that team that  went to a Pro Bowl at least once during their career (other than the aforementioned QB...)

Was that team more, or less, talented than our team today?  (judgement call.....)

*** Now the biggee:   What should be the first play our offense runs in our new stadium? ***

Enjoy the game tonite, folks :).



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