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Coming down to the ATL , must eat spots ?

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2 hours ago, JOEinPHX said:

OK Nate, time to go with someone you know you can trust.

For pizza, it's Antico.  Best I've had, anywhere, ever.  It's just a few miles north of the stadium.

For barbecue, it Fox Bros.  East side (Little Five Points vicinity), may not be close to you but worth the trip and effort.  Not much parking, be prepared to park on a side street and walk back a couple hundred yards - the exercise will do ya good.  Again, worth the effort.

The Varsity is only good if you're really into grease and indigestion.

Thanks buddy ! 

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29 minutes ago, falcoatlantae said:

Yeah.  Heirloom Market BBQ has gotten national recognition.  Atlanta Magazine included it in a Top 50 list.  Highly recommended.  No sit-down dining.  Either takeout or standup (seriously).  

Williamson Bros BBQ in Marietta is fantastic as well. Their pork ribs are top-notch. I haven't tried Heirloom yet, because I hear that they are always busy and parking is horrendous.

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Mary Macs is about as overrated a place as you can find. My wife just saw me type this and totally agrees. 

Chinese: Mulan

Black Soul Food: This Is It or The Busy Bee

White Soul Food: Home Grown

Seafood: The Optimist or Rays on the River

Hamburgers: Houstons, The Cheesecake Factory or The Vortex 

BBQ: Fox Bros, Sweet Auburn or Community Q

Brazilian: Fogo De Ciao

Italian: Pricci or Maggiano's

Mexican: Alma Cocina or Agave

Japanese: Umi Sushi or Benihana's

Steak: Mortons 

Pizza: Antico

Babe Traps: Twin Peaks, Tilted Kilt or The Cheetah

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24 minutes ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Trust me. Used to live around the corner and work up the street. Went there regularly for lunch and dinner. Highly overrated. Home Grown would blow Mary Mac's off the map.

This is why I don't trust you. I've probably eaten there 30 times. They're far from overrated. 

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1 hour ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Go eat at Home Grown and you'll never go back to Mary Macs. Trust me.

Never been to Mary Macs but Homegrown is great. 

Antico for pizza as well, Victory sandwiches is solid, Meehans for sure. I don't eat downtown much, but those are all go to's.

For the beer geeks and good high quality food, Wrecking Bar is really my go to spot, they're a brewpub making some of the best brews in the city.

Also give a shout out to The Porter beer bar right down the street (top beer bar in the nation, above average food), and another mile down the road a shameless plug for my own spot, Hop City at Krog street if you want a good beer selection at good prices (for the beer anyway, the market has some good comfort food, but extremely overpriced).

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