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Which hated team do we want to lose?

Saints vs. Patriots  

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  1. 1. Which team do you want to lose next week?

    • Saints
    • Patriots

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Saints. Every time.


A Saints win and all of the sudden they are right back to being "on the right track". I want to watch it burn this season. I really think this is the season we get to sit back enjoy the unravelling. Peyton is done after this year, I believe that. Then Brees won't want to play for a rebuilding team. I sit back and guffaw.


Also, NE ain't starting 0-2

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2 other things:

Saints have started the last 3 seasons 0-2 so is it really going to matter how they start this year?

If the Saints have one more loss, will it actually benefit them with a better draft pick next year?


A Patriots loss does much more practically for the Falcons - the Saints loss seems emotionally great but it is sort of like hearing an already defeated rival is doing bad as opposed to one who still has the potential to hurt us.

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I'm petty, so I'll say the Pats this go 'round.  The Aints have been a non-issue for a while now.  How'd they put it, it's only a rivalry if they are competitive?

As for the divisional loss, our goal is to win the NFC.  If we don't march through the South, than we got bigger problems.

I'll be content either way.


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