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Which hated team do we want to lose?


Saints vs. Patriots  

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  1. 1. Which team do you want to lose next week?

    • Saints
    • Patriots

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So the Saints are about to play the Patriots. These are arguably the two teams Falcons fans hate the most. It's a conflicting situation. So the difficult question to ask is, which team do we want to win? We can make an argument for either side:

*For a Patriots loss:* Watching them collapse and rack up losses after all the praise they get would be fun to watch. They broke our hearts in the Super Bowl. We've heard enough of the Tom Brady love, it's getting old, just like him. The Saints probably don't pose a threat to winning the division, so a win for them here may not matter.

*For a Saints loss:* Long time rivalry. Always good to see them lose. Plus, it's a divisional opponent, so any loss they suffer helps us. We would also never hear the end of it from their fans "hurr durr we beat the Pats and y'all couldn't, haha FailClowns!!"

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I look at it this way. Short term satisfaction is a NE loss. NE starting 0-2 would make me lmfao. Long term gain is a Saints loss. A Saints loss is better for the Falcons. And I don't think I could stand the Saints fans if they beat NE. That said I have to vote for Saints to lose. But wouldn't a tie make you believe in Karma is a *****!

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Why are the Pats a "hated" team for us?  As in a rival?  I understand they there is a general hate/dislike because they've built a dynasty & they beat us in the SB, but we only play them once every 4 years.  Doesn't make them hated, at least not on the level of any division rival.  I hope the Pats beat the **** out of the taints, panties, & sucs, and it's in our best interest that they do.

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Does anyone really fear the Saints anymore?  If they finish 4-12 rather than 3-13 really would not matter to us and we do not face them until almost the end of the year when they will be thinking about next year more than this year.  They might get a slight psychological boost from a win over the Patriots but the talent is clearly not there and they will be losing again in 1-2 weeks.

On the other hand, a Patriots loss would really knock them down psychologically and start them 0-2.  They have already moved to returf their stadium after the KC loss.  Another loss and the calls for Brady to step aside for Garoppolo will start to pop up (not that they would do it yet).  The media and Patriots would be in disarray.  By week 7, they might be a basket case when we arrive.

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I am not aware of any general animosity Falcons' fans hold for the Patriots?  Did I miss the memo?

Not in our division. Not a traditional rival. Additionally, it is not their fault the Falcons lost the last game of last season.

There might be 100 points scored in this game based on the QBs and what the "improved" defenses on both sides looked like in week 1. As long as the Patriots score at least 70 of them, I'm a happy man!


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