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Is there any other team in the NFL better than us right now?


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1) Patriots looked like garbage against KC at home

2) Packers are really struggling at home against Seahawks

3) Seahawks and Russell Wilson are way overrated (Packers holding them)

4) Cowboys have Zeke all season but still a depleted defense

5) Lions actually played a great game today but does anybody fear them?

6) Panthers are making Shanahan and the 49ers look bad but still not convincing

7) Raiders have Derek Carr and Lynch but what else?

8) Texans and their defense were blown over by the Jaguars today

9) Cardinals may now be without David Johnson and have an old team

10) Steelers barely got a win against the Browns today

Any other teams worth mentioning as possibly being better than us?  We clearly did not play our best today, but we did hold onto the ball and just maybe need to improve our run blocking and tighten our defense a little more (a lot of rushing yards today but still only 17 points allowed and 4 sacks).

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Well if we are looking at week 1 results the Rams look like the best team in football. 


I am not scared. Regardless of how we played today I think we have one of the best teams in the league, if not the best. Win is a win, especially in week 1 on the road with new coordinators. 

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The jags are the bomb...or having a semi competent QB is the key. O'Brien is supposed to be a QB whispering coach but can't seem to you know create a winning QB. If the issue is one QB comes out bad than sure but Savage, Hoyer, Osweiller, etc all suck on your team than maybe it isn't the QB.

Save Watson. Fire O'Brien.


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Actually, I expect the media to probably put Green Bay and us as #1 & #2 in most rankings to try to make next Sunday's game some kind of playoff-like matchup.

I would then see the Steelers, Raiders and Cowboys/Giants winner as the remaining top 5 and then the Seahawks and Patriots maybe 6 and 7.

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39 minutes ago, Romfal said:

its week 1, lets hope we study tape and improve. We def looked beatable, ****, we were one good throw from Glennon from losing, good thing he has 0 competent WR's

That's what I say, Uno Juego Amigos. One game at the time geez; if you wanna crown em then crown em, just don't let them off the hook.

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