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The difference from last year

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1 minute ago, falcon1fan said:

We just appear to be less aggressive. I'm sure it'll adapt as the season goes this is really a first run for this offense. Preseason is so bland. Offense and defense. 

Yea we're playing a team who's only strength is its front 7. Therefore we need to wear down their front 7. 


Also first rodeo for the new OC+ Offense. 


It's all gonna be OK.

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Just now, Kaptain Krazy said:

This is the problem with trying to make summary claims before the game is actually over. I'll never understand why folks continue to do it. Another premature post that ends up being proven wrong. 

Yeah, I agree, but I also went back and edited that post. While maybe true...I typically try not to be such an *******. (ironic considering the post I know)

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9 minutes ago, likeriver said:

Most teams week 1 are still ironing out the kinks. I think there's more parity at this time. Hopefully Sarks take from lessons today and learns. I feel like we could have utilized the play action more but I really don't know

Yeah I think play action would have slowed down the D-Line a little bit and would have allowed our running game to get on track better.

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No screens to the receivers, no straining the seams with Julio, too much focus on Sanu, Right guard position isn't secure replacing a 10 year guy with a 2 year guy. The fullback is going to take awhile to adjust. Keanu looked slow and apprehensive missed at least 2 picks. Trufant isn't our number 1 corner Alford is. Sark is as much of a project as much as any first year guy. Smh. We had a "Mike Smith offseason".

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8 hours ago, hjerry said:


This is why you don't make threads during a game.

You always end up looking like a fool.

Case and point: This thread.

At the point the thread was made all those items were true. And even though Hooper had the 88 yarder, I don't think that was designed to go to him. Ryan just caught the blown coverage and bought extra time to get it there.

We still didn't have any designed deep shots. We were very predictable on 1st down, and we tried too hard to establish the run against a weak pass defense. Just because Hooper had a couple big plays doesn't change all that. 

I'm not saying it won't get better. But that's an early assessment.


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