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Good thing we signed Poe instead of Berry

The Smart One

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2 hours ago, The Smart One said:

Ok even though I said the point was just to break the news I'll play your dumb game. A lot of you idiots couldn't shut up about how we should dump Allen and sign Berry. However we never got the chance because he was tagged. Instead we got Poe on a 1 year deal and kept Allen. Even if we have a worst case scenario unfold Sunday and lose both for the year we have less committed to the 2 of them combined than KC has to Berry who may never be the same. Seems like no matter what happens we got the better end of the deal. But as I said before I WAS JUST TRYING TO BREAK THE NEWS!!!

Breaking news is: This is non-Falcons-related but Berry is out for the season after he ruptured his Achilles.


Berry could have torn his ACL during training camp or have the greatest season for a safety in NFL history if he was here. You don't know because it never happened.

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Yeah this wasnt a good thread, there already been so many injuries , obj was one foot plant away from hanging up the cleats for good( imo), when i think of things like that. I dont wish or celebrate injuries even in the nfc south, some of us fans have got to stop looking at players like a product or commodity if they get injured. The process to get back is a very hard and long one. Some give up, some dont but what these young men have to go through is terrible , so no this thread is a little unnecessary. Im glad we got poe, and yes i would still want Berry. So i cant agree with the op

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