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Labor dispute?

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From a Reddit post:


[–]AndyInAtlantaReynoldstown 9 points 4 months ago 

If they are anything like the other "Shame on 'so and so'" protestors, they are hired protesters protesting the use of nonunion labor. Labor unions have a hard time competing with nonunion contractors in the South, so they've decided to "protest" when they don't get awarded a contract. Speaking from experience from my friends in construction, no one cares. Not the owner, not the general contractor, not the companies doing the work.

[–]TheRealRobMontyBuckhead 5 points 4 months ago 

Those people are an Atlanta staple. Choose a different business every month or two, sit in front of it until the business pays them to go away.

Extortion racket

TeeShirtCannon 9 points 4 months ago 

Usually its because the work being done is not being done by workers in a union. That being said, the "protesters" don't typically work for the union either, most the time they pay homeless people to sit there and hold a sign.


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That's exactly it. Unions in right-to-work/at-will states like Georgia have a hard time securing contracts when there are so many non-union folks around that can be easily hired. The union folks are feeling a special kind of way because they weren't hired by any of the contractors or sub-contractors to either build MBS or operate it during events. Given a few months, they will make their way to Philips Arena during their renovation, GSU Stadium during Phase 2, the Home Depot backyard construction, the new hotel going up next to it...

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