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In the Falcons last 4 games they have faced the 7th, 2nd, 1st, and 3rd highest rated passers of all time, in that order.

These QBS have all won at least one Super Bowl for a total of 8 SB wins, and 3 of them have combined for 6 Super Bowl MVP Awards.  Two of them have been crowned League MVP a total of 4 times while Drew Brees has been named NFL Offensive Player of the year twice.  The 4 of them have combined for 31 Pro Bowl appearances and three of them have been named All-Pro a total of 5 times.

These 4 QBs own 4 of the top 8 passing TD seasons of all time, 8 of the top 20 passer rating seasons of all time, and 10 of the top 20 yardage seasons of all time.

Three of the four are certain first ballot HOF players and Russell Wilson has a pretty good start towards the HOF himself after only 5 seasons.

All four of these QBs have winning records in the postseason, amassing a total between the four of them of 48 post season wins.

For a defense with 4 rookie starters and 3 second year players to run that gauntlet and hold up as well as it did is absolutely amazing.  Nothing could do more to get these young guys battle tested.

So it must be a refreshing change this week for these guys to prepare for......Mike Glennon. 

Good luck with this defense Mike, you gonna need it.

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8 minutes ago, falconidae said:

None of that came against these falcons. You aren't seriously worried about Glennon are you?

Last year filling in for the great Winston he was 10-11 for 75 and a TD in mop up time.


4 minutes ago, Tandy said:

He's actually 1-3 in record but his stats aren't bad in 4 games:

91 of 134 for 67.9%, 683 yards, 6 TD, 0 Int and a passer rating of 94.8


Per game average:

23 of 34 for 67.9%, 171 yards, 2 TD, 0 Int


1-1 in starts including the 2013 41-28 beating of the Falcons with a 20-23 231 2td stat line.


But who knows what will happen? Football is weird. It's not easy starting on the road.

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His stats sound pretty good, but that works out to only a bit above 5 yards per attempt.  That tends to get your completion % up, etc..  While no interceptions is always good, I think we all know those stats don't seem particularly relevant to the game on Sunday (unless the Falcons blow out the Bears early and Glennon puts up a whole lot of dink and dunk yards when it can't possibly do the Bears any good).

I agree with the football is weird comment.  You never really know what's going to happen; especially when you're just starting the season.

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But they folded in Q4 against NE in the Superbowl?

Every media writer outside Georgia is going to hold this against the Falcons defense until they do something monumental no matter what they did in the playoffs before the Superbowl or what they did in the first 3 quarters of the Superbowl.

Actually, it somewhat works in their favor because media-loved defenses like Seattle or Denver or Carolina will begin to decline this year while the Falcons slip into games with a defense as good as their offense.

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5 hours ago, Peyton said:

I see Falcons fans are still having a little trouble embracing the fact that this is a great football team.  Glennon is going to have a looooong day.

Man do i want the falcons to just curb stomp da bears. Like 21-0 end of 1st quarter [thinking a defensive score here] and never letting up. Like 5 TDs by Ryan. Like a shutout by the defense. Be good for their mental well being, the fan's well being and still the talk of hangover.

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