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Outta towner, but i want tickets to a game

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58 minutes ago, KJinCton said:

NFL Ticket Exchange is the most legit path. Go to NFL.com and click the ´ticket´ tab. I haven't used Stubhub to sell mine since the NFL perfected that with ticketmaster.

I agree.   Season ticket holders are going to use NFL Ticket Exchange more than any other avenue because we have it available within our STH account - and it's simple to use.

The other options are legit but none are authenticated to the point that the NFL Ticket Exchange is.   If you get it through the NFL Ticket Exchange - it's authentic because they control it - they nullify the original and transfer electronically to the buyer.   The other sites, Stubhub, Tickpick, Ebay, etc. can only offer you a refund or no charge if you get there and find you can't get in or if the owner doesn't transfer or deliver the tickets.    That's not gonna help if you miss the event because the tickets are not real.

@uga_falcons_braves I do want to mention that there is a forum here for requesting or selling tickets.    I usually check there first before putting my tickets on NFLTE to see if any Falcon fans are looking.   https://boards.atlantafalcons.com/forum/48-dome-field-advantage/

Put a thread there saying what you are looking for.   You may get offers from fellow board members.   If it's valid - you should get the transfer immediately to the mobile app.



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I've used both stubhub and the nflticketexchange and of the two I prefer ticketexchange. I know the tickets on both sites are monstrously expensive. Especially the division games and the Packers and Cowboys games, but games against the Bills and Dolphins are less expensive. You can get a good seat at a decent price for those two!

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2 minutes ago, fincavigia said:

I can only speak for Stubhub but I have had very good experiences with them, buying and selling. They take the seller's credit card so if they rip you off, you are generally protected. I am sure ticketexchange is the same though.

Nope.  NFL Ticket Exchange controls your tickets electronically.   If I try to transfer or print a ticket once it's on the NFLTE - I have to remove the listing first.    Once it's sold - they immediately transfer the tickets and the electronic or paper ticket you have is voided.   There is no credit card charging necessary - they control the tickets.

Stubhub can give you your money back if the tickets are fake or not delivered - but that doesn't mean you can get in the event - only that you get your money back.   A lot of good that does someone who travels to a game and can't get in.    

That's the biggest difference in the 2.  You're guaranteed the tickets or your money back on one - and absolutely guaranteed the tickets on the other.

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23 hours ago, pa_falcon_fan said:

Or..  talk to a season ticket holder who lives in Pennsylvania and doesn't get to every game.  PM me and let me know what game(s) you are looking at.  If it isn't a game I'm planning to go to, we can talk. :)

Will keep this in mind. Another PA guy looking to get down to a game. How many seats do you have?

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