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28-3 billboard?

Big Ben Right

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1 hour ago, Falcons Fan MVP said:

Maybe one day after Drew Bree's retires we will beat The Saints 28-3.

Are you on crack? We destroyed them last year. What was the score 45-32? And it was without Julio, I believe.


And we basically had to ask the refs to put the clock into double time just so we would stop running up the score, and through in our cheerleaders. 

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4 hours ago, AndySG said:

Who cares? Should have won. If anybody actually gets angry about it they're crazy. It's done for a reaction - don't give people the satisfaction. 


3 hours ago, ATLIEN404 said:

Yeah the 28-3 jokes got old really fast. I'm numb to them now. Ish corny now.

Seriously.  I mean, does this actually "irk" anyone?  It's not only that it's old, 95% of the jokes are unoriginal but I think these other fan bases (mostly N.O., Tampa, and Carolina) seems to think it cuts us so deep. 



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3 hours ago, Reggie_Kelly said:

Yea But the Saints have been our kryptonite since Brees/Payton arrived.

Saints ain't ISH anymore. Remember...that team had fans with paperbags on their heads when we were ripping them new @$$holes and now that they have an almost decade old Lombardi they think they're hot ish when they haven't been relevant since God knows when. 7-9 for 3 seasons shouldn't even be talking about ANYONE'S Superbowl performance. They lean on that 28-3 stuff like they're the one's who we lost to. Remember who had the broom last year!!

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On 9/4/2017 at 0:28 PM, shanep said:

Any further news on the rumour of the 'aints fans trying to scrape up the cash to put the sign up near Benz for the packers opening night game?

They found out after pulling all the cash they had and even a second mortgage on their homes all they had was around $25.32. So they went down to the local Home Depot to try a do it yourself billboard. But decided they better get ready as a new storm is headed towards them. So they had to spend all the cash on duct tape instead. 

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