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Roster spreadsheet update


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RF's roster spreadsheet

For those of ya that use my spreadsheet to help keep up with the roster and/or like to visualize it differently, here you go with a quick update on the initial 53 man roster to start the season. I've been planning on changing the template for this for a while and have it partially switched over, so it's an incomplete version of what it will eventually look like. I did a quick edit to reflect the current roster; but I honestly these days I just don't have the time or the desire to finish updating it.

As always, everyone has permission to copy this and edit it for your own personal use if you wish. And if anyone wants to do that and finish updating any of the incomplete information and then share with the rest of us, then please do.



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A few quick thoughts on the current roster:

1) Only 13 players made the team this year that weren't on the active roster at some point last season.

2) Those thirteen include all six of our 2017 draft picks. One UDFA in Grace. And six veterans we signed as Free Agents or traded for.

3) Of those 6 veterans acquired, 4 are on offense (2 OL, 1 FB, 1 KR/WR) and only 2 on defense (both DL's).

4) Grace is the only UDFA that made the roster this year -- at least so far. That will probably change when some get added to the practice squad and then pulled to the active roster during the season.

5) Out of the 25 players we have on defense, we return 19 players from last season; Out of the 25 players we have on offense, we return 18 from last season.

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1 hour ago, ShmevinShmarris said:

Nice work man. Crazy to think out of 53 players we only have 7 over the age of 30..

Two of them are our QBs 

Three are offensive linemen

One is Brooks Reed

And one is our kicker.

Insane to look at how quickly Quinn has put his mushroom stamp all over this roster

Yep! And next year we only have 5 players entering the 30 year old club, with one of them being our punter. Schraeder, Andre Roberts, Crawford, and Clayborn are the other 4.

There is a good chance Levitre and Reed will be gone next year. Also a good chance Roberts and Clayborn will be gone too.

Definitely a young team where it counts

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