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Falcons 2017 roster: Position-by-position analysis of final 53-man roster


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6 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

Stop, brian hill made the team which negates the entire 53 man roster. Season is doomed 

We drafted him, they saw something they liked. I didn't think we needed him, but from what I see I think this is the team to win LII. 

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4 minutes ago, BoomGoesTheDynamite said:

I think Quinn deserves the benefit of the doubt with his roster decisions after what he's been able to do in only 2 years.

I do wonder however, how much input guys like Sark has on the final roster?

Agreed, hes earned a pass.

The last 6 questionable guys were probably more influenced by ST/Keith Armstrong....i dont want to see any of them in meaningful O or D snaps.

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5 hours ago, Yo_Lover said:

If this is the actual roster then **** them for keeping Nick Williams, Eric Saubert and Brian Hill.

I'm guessing they kept Williams because of his special teams play. Regarding Saubert and Hill they're still rookies who haven't even had a full NFL offseason yet. No reason not to keep them over guys who have already proven to be nobodies in the NFL.

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2 hours ago, 4LoveoftheGame said:

I really was hoping for Reggie Davis, Nick Williams plays hard but does not have much of an upside.

You guys are crazy. All Nick Williams does when he gets in the game is ball out. There are some guys with more upside for sure. But Nick has proven over and over again that he's as reliable as they come when he gets the chance. If our top 3 WR go down I guarantee you don't want Davis filling the void. You want Williams. He moved the chains. 

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3 hours ago, Yo_Lover said:

How?? I'm using your logic. Why is it when I use your reasoning I'm butt hurt but when you do it it's right? Your moron is showing.

It's the fact that you've been acting like a child for the last 10 hours over the cuts. And you're not using logic you're just being a d bag about everything anyone says. It's cool we know you have an agenda now and can disregard all further statements. Here's to brian hill and willians being inactive on game day 

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