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Lions makes Stafford highest paid QB


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Lions signed QB Matthew Stafford to a five-year, $135 million extension through 2022.

Derek Carr lasted a little over two months as the league's highest-paid quarterback. Stafford now holds that distinction, and he won't sit at the top for long, either. Quarterbacks salaries are getting outrageous, and whoever is the next competent one up for a new deal immediately becomes the richest. This is good news for Kirk Cousins, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees, who are all going to get new deals sooner than later. Stafford is still just 29 and is coming off back-to-back strong seasons as he enters his prime. One a health risk early in his career, Stafford hasn't missed a start since 2010. He's already made over $110 million before this deal.
need to get Ryan signed to an extension before his salary goes even higher
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On 8/28/2017 at 10:43 PM, Drunken Minotaur Zebra said:

He's literally the only stability that team's had

I think they're on the up tho, always liked the Lions

Me too, that fan base longs for a good team just like we have. I went to Detroit a couple years ago for Thanksgiving and listened to their sports station on the radio. All they could talk about was how bad they want the Lions to be good lol.

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