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I could never look at my Super Bowl jersey again so I fixed the problem.

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I would have put this in the main forum but I guess I don't have enough posts yet (though I used to be a regular member on these boards about 10-15 years ago).

Anyways, I was the proud owner of a Julio Super Bowl jersey for about two solid weeks. I wore it twice, once leading up to SBLI and on the day of the game. My wife also wore it one day to the school she teaches at when they encouraged everyone to wear Falcons gear. It was a big hit! Everyone wanted to know where they could get the Super Bowl jersey.


And then the game happened. I couldn't look at the thing at all. It sat in the closet tucked away for the last 6 months, dust accumulating on this brand new $120 jersey, never to see the light of day again. I wasn't ashamed, but I definitely felt like a family member died that day after having waited nearly two decades and not knowing when the next chance would come.

And then I found the perfect solution. Rather than trashing a brand new jersey, I found the Falcons 50 seasons patch on eBay for a mere $5. It's just the right size and fits the jersey perfectly.


All you've gotta do is heat up the Super Bowl patch and it'll come right off with most of the adhesive. If there's still white residue, you can get 90% of it off with Goo Gone. There's a faint shadow where the logo used to be (a little less noticeable than this picture since the shirt is damp from trying to rub off the remaining residue).


The dimensions are pretty much perfect so that the only bit of the Super Bowl shadow left is the top of the Lombardi trophy. Just iron it on and now it's something I can wear again with pride!


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