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Do you start Takk??


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Cracked open madden 18 yesterday, and after a few attempts to sim or do one minute quarters I was finally able to download the latest roster and start making adjustments lol

First thing I noticed was shede on the line vs takk. I believe I saw vic Poe Grady and either reed/shede. 

I play 4 men on the line so my setup is vic Poe and Grady, shede 3rd dt. But for the other end its really hard deciding. Takk claybo or shede??


What are some of your guy's set ups and defenses


Ps4: Dirtybird0937  madden 17 and 18 2k17 The Division 

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1 hour ago, jamesmasen said:

Is this a question for real.. you always start your first round pick in madden

Even if the projected starter is 3-4 overall points higher? Don't get me wrong I like takk but with the youth at lbs a little more beef on the line would help, is my logic

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