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@1Goal1Dream ( Duke Riley ) Film Breakdown! Come get it while it's hot!


This will be the first Preseason game showing some of the good and bad of Duke. Some will feel I'm being to negative in this video, but I think I make my point. He looked stiff and like a rookie. But with polish he can be great!  Part two it already done and will come out on Sunday / Monday.

Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think about the video and about Duke.


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Nice work, UG....im not a wrestling fan, so you kinda lost me there....but I thought you brought a balanced view of this player.

This is pretty much spot on where I see Riley as well..a somewhat risky/high reward pick who was an undisciplined player at times in college who often got caught up in traffic and manhandled by bigger offensive linemen at that level...

if anyone can coach him to play more controlled, it will be Quinn. And   I appreciate his speed/pass defense skill set. But I think he will take some time to develop at the NFL level. folks thinking he will have similar impact as D Jones in year 1 may want to tone down those expectations. I think he'll be more like D Campbell. 

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Duke definitely plays like his hair's on fire and will need to learn a bit of discipline, but there's also not that many linebackers that could have done what he did on the first play you broke down where you talked about arm tackling.  Coming from the right LB position he managed to beat the RB to the left sideline behind the line of scrimmage to turn the RB back up field.  That's speed  that can't be taught.

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