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MBS open house pics!!!


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Okay folks as promised here are pics from the open house yesterday at MBS. I must say, we all knew the new stadium was big, but in person it absolutely dwarfs the Dome. The feeling of stepping inside for the very first time greeted by the massive halo board was breathtaking to say the least. The section we were in was C130 with private access to the Delta 360 Club and on field access. When I say on-field, it is on the literal field. You can mingle and spend the whole game down there if you so please. So paying for the section he paid for comes with its perks. It was super cool. There is no limited visibility from what I could tell from looking around the stadium. I was looking for the glass people were talking about potentially limiting visibility but couldn't see any.

Also, we got there early since my buddy's dad is a STH for both ATLUD and the Falcons. The United players came through the Delta 360 club similar to how the players come through in Jerry world for fan interaction. I believe the Falcons players will come through the AMG club though but not positive on that. We went up to section 300 for the sky walk and you can literally see the entire city through the plexiglass walls. It was very hype and had a huge turnout... I can't wait for this season! MBS was everything I expected plus more! Enjoy...


ps.. sorry about the other thread fail due to photoshop not posting to third party site...






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2 minutes ago, Falcon Blitz said:

Dang how much are the seats for the field where the beer pic was taken? 

That was the on-field access for Delta 360 club members. The section is C130. I'm not sure exactly how much they were but they were a pretty penny. 

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3 minutes ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Beyond dope!! You are gonna make me now buy bunch of home tix ....its gonna be costly for me especially,  for flying from California. 

The experience was almost surreal. The stadium is incredible. Pics don't do it justice...

I'll be there again next weekend for the first home opener against Arizona 

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12 minutes ago, slimjim said:

I read that it would be opened for a few games. 

Yeah I'm not too sure what is going on with the roof. I've heard it'll be opened a few games, but I've also heard they won't open it at all, due to some engineering issues or something..

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