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poe to get some snaps on offense........... maybe


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Quinn was reluctant to talk about the possibility of Poe playing offense after Poe signed. But Quinn had a little fun with the topic prior to Wednesday's practice.

Quinn said the staff did look at some of Poe's offensive tape.

"In fact, there was some people that said, 'All right, we've got somebody on the goal line here,'" Quinn said with a smile. "You may see that package come alive. He does have good hands.

"I knew he had good hands. We played overtime the other day. We had a tie at the end. We weren't going to allow that one. So I had him and [Ryan] Schraeder catch punts. I didn't know how that would go. They both caught it easily. ... Poe, hands-wise, he's got good hands."

The Falcons did not use Poe on offense during any plays visible to the media during training camp. His primary role, of course, will be as a disruptive force in the middle of the defense playing alongside nose tackle Grady Jarrett.

Poe played in two-gap scheme in Kansas City, which caused him to think more than react. In this system, he's playing a more attacking style and has slimmed down to prepare for it.

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2 hours ago, athell said:

I hope we sign TJax to a 1 day contract for the Superbowl so he can get his ring :ninja:

As for the OP, I unironically want to see a Sanu2Poe connection at some point this season.  Make it happen, Sark!

That would be a nice middle finger when were blowing the Saints out this year. I'd like to see him as FB/HB on 3rd/4th and inches. Every team needs a 300+ lb HB.

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