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my thoughts on the game


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I only saw through half of the 4th quarter.


D line- Liked the starters and most of the back ups. highlights to me were grady, poe, reed with his freeney spin move (against a back up), hageman, and vellano

Lbs- we got a lot of good depth here all the way around. debo and campbell def were the stars and I thought duke looked good for his first action

CBs and safeties- I know everyone thinks we got a lot of depth here, but im not sure yet. trufaunt looked tentative with his shoulder, and goodwin got burned pretty bad and lets not even talk about Jalen Collins, Im not going to pile on the guy he def has talents but his head seems screwed up to me. Also Rico took a bad angle, just saying. I thought Neal's back up was actually not half bad he was number 20 I believe. 



Qbs- not much to say here we only got to see ryan and schaub for what like 8 plays total. Simms is utter trash to me and I didnt see enough of torgersen to say one way or another

O line- I know most say they were trash but I disagree our starters looked good and both garland and wes held up well. one will be pretty good depth. we do have problems at swing tackle, but we didnt get to see the guy that was supposedly winning the battle bc he is injured. I thought DJ did pretty well also. Pass protection was better than the run blocking but with simms you couldnt tell. They did open a few holes for ward and hil but hill never saw the hole or hit them way too slow.

Wrs- Sanu had my favorite catch of the night and I thought reggie davis and marvin  hall did well. I am surprised we didnt see any of hardy at all.

Tes- hooper and levine were good. perkins and saubert were not at all to me.

Rbs- Freeman had a nice catch. Tevin did nothing. ward is way farther along than hill. I was not impressed with hill at all. Im not saying he cant turn it around but to me he lacks vision, speed, and agility. Also I think we might end up missing Pat Dimarco a lot more than some think. Not impressed with derrick coleman so far.

KR- I think it is andre roberts to lose he was great. In fact so far if we keep 6 wrs I hope it is julio, sanu, gabriel, hardy, roberts, and reggie davis.

Mike Meyer- is a good kicker and deserves a shout out.


I think overall Im way more impressed than some, but I think we got a lot of good depth at most spots including at o line, bc this yrs group did a lot better than last yrs group against the dolphins. plus no injuries win/win

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If I drove any backup's train it would be Nick Williams' ...I could only imagine what the Patriots or Packers could do with him and he's been plugging away here for awhile and still hasn't gotten a solid look in the 5 wideouts. If we ever let him go watch one of the teams I just mentioned pick him up. Either them or someone in our own division.

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28 minutes ago, g-dawg said:

None of the offensive linemen past the starters and Garland/Schweitzer were any good.  Matt Simms was running for his life.

Seems to me Simms was too antsy in the pocket and had poor footwork.  Granted there were plays when he had no time but, there were plenty of plays he had enough time. I saw too many bad throws to blame the Oline exclusively..

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9 minutes ago, 4dabirds said:

I would have liked to of seen more him for sure. Torg showed some surprising speed to me. However, he was quick to run before looking at his other options.

It was his 1st NFL game, I would expect him to be antsy. Dude played at Penn! Imagine how fast the game seemed to him.  His QB clock hasn't calibrated yet. LOL

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1 hour ago, BAMF said:

Seems to me Simms was too antsy in the pocket and had poor footwork.  Granted there were plays when he had no time but, there were plenty of plays he had enough time. I saw too many bad throws to blame the Oline exclusively..

No you are wrong - Simms played good - back-ups on O-Line were awful.   Simms got a lot done all things considered.

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Just now, Flying Falcon said:

Agree to disagree. Sims sucked.

Moving on......

the Dolphins #3 - Douherty looked dayum good.   Accurate, poised, etc.  nice find.  

I've never really felt like Falcons care much about back-up QBs - they have been forturnate Matty Ice has been so healthy.

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5 hours ago, THEHEADCOACH said:

I think you are pretty spot on. I wasn't impressed with Hill at all. He looks like a slow version of Teco with no agility. I just don't seem him beating out Ward at this point.

I like Neasman. I think he did pretty good. 

Saubert had a bad night. Hope he gets better.

Surprised more aren't talking about Neasman

3 hours ago, Gimme. said:

I just want Jermaine Grace to make the team. Dude has starter potential for sure and should be used to push Riley's progression as well..

Also suprised more folks aren't talking about Grace. His closing speed on the Jones INT in the red zone was Debo-like.

Anthony Dable & J'Terius Jones also looked good.

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I"ll write up more later after a re-watch the game, but here are a few that I saw.

Starting Offense looked very good, but some grind and polish over the next few weeks should get us back to great.  We ran generic stuff and didn't have 2 of our starting WR's, so I was pleased with what I saw.  

Starting Defense - WoW!  Poe was 1-2 yrds deep in the backfield on most every play. On one play it looked like he was triple teamed and still held his ground.  LB's were flying around..  Tackling was solid and consistent.  Stuffed the run and pass coverage was solid.  I will be interested to see what happens with some game planning & stunts.  I think whoever starts at QB for the Bears is gonna be in trouble.  

Kick game - Aside from the fumble... I thought we looked great.  The first punt return was amazing and the icing on the cake was "NO Penalty."  I'm very excited that our return game will be legit this year.  

We clearly lack depth at o-line... but we all knew that.  It will be interesting to see if DQ brings in some vets at the last minute to shore up some depth.  

No need to mention Collins.  Clearly his is no emotionally and mentally where he wants/needs to be, but hey, he has like 14 weeks to get it sorted out, so not really worried about it.  

I will also add the the rookie Harlow got a rude intro do the NFL.  One play he got donkey kicked and knocked 3 yards into the backfield by the DT.  I watched him for a while and he did fight hard, but he really really struggled to be effective.  But, he's a late round rookie so... what can you expect.  

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like I said I think we do got depth at guard/center bc both wes and garland did well enough, so I think we got a decent starter and the other will be a good backup depending on who wins.

Tackle is an issue like I said, but simms was not running for his life every play a lot of times he just wanted to plain run before he had to. Simms has no pocket presence, unlike the dolphins qbs who stayed calm and threw the ball even though there were times they had pressure in their face as well. I hope the tackle who didnt play bc of injury will be better than what we saw last night. if not we will dig through the cut players line.

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1 hour ago, NikkiFree3 said:

From the moment DiMarco left, I have feared we would miss him more than most seem to think. Before Dimarco, the only time we had a really great running game was when Ovi  was on the payroll.

Um, not the only time.

Back when we had William Andrews - we had a good running game.    Justin Griffith and oh yeah - this guy.....


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