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Julio Jones and Devonta Freeman have NFL’s 1st and 2nd most yards from scrimmage since 2015


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The Atlanta Falcons have the league’s most explosive offense, and made sure they will keep it that way.

by Matthew Chambers@FalcoholicMatt Aug 9, 2017, 2:52pm EDT


The Atlanta Falcons just coughed up some serious dough to running back Devonta Freeman. He’s been one of Atlanta’s best offensive weapons since he was freed from his spot on the bench behind Steven Jackson.

Freeman, along with Julio Jones, are literally the league’s top two most effective offensive weapons.



These are truly some amazing numbers. While running backs have become devalued in the league recently, it is impossible to deny Freeman’s impact. He is, by all accounts, a great team player that perfectly fits the attitude Dan Quinn wants in his players. He’s an effective running back, a real weapon catching the ball, and almost always a solid pass blocker.

Atlanta is keeping their most important pieces. In fact, Field Yates points out something interesting.



The Falcons miraculously lost very few players after their Super Bowl run, and may have actually improved their roster during the offseason. And who is up for a big deal soon? No one, because Atlanta had a terrible 2014 draft. Hopefully they can pay Taylor Gabriel, and work on a new deal or replacement for Jake Matthews in the next two years.

The team clearly has a window to keep their best players together, and they made sure to not let anyone get away.




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Good read. 

Obviously it takes a full organization to reach excellence... but that said, it really does start with the horse pickers.  The talent evaluators who bring guys to the surface that others are overlooking and the guys who pull the trigger on draft day and in FA.  From there, it's about the coaches coaching them up and the rest of the org developing them.  

It seems we really may have it dialed in... it took about  1/3rd of a century... but by-dawg-it, I think we are there.  

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