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I think it is time for the annual reminder

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It is time to remind everyone that with the pre-season finally getting here, it is important not to overreact to what we see tomorrow.

The gamr is for the coaches to evaluate the young guys.

The score does not matter....nor does how the team looks to the "eye ball test".

The single biggest thing to take away is if we are healthy or not.

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18 minutes ago, Peyton said:

I hear you but this team is so deep I expect them to roll through the preseason crushing souls. 

This is a great point. In the past, we'd see the team look okay when the starters were out there (maybe even have a lead), only to watch the Falcons backups look like crap and lose whatever lead existed. 

While the final score doesn't matter, and no serious injuries is by far the most important objective, i am expecting preseason games to play out differently now that the team has real depth. 

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If they win by double digits, it will be...

'Can we really run the table?' or 'Is it too soon to talk 19-0?'

If they win by single digits, it will be...

'Did we do enough in the offseason?' or 'is it too late to add a 5th tight end'

If they lose, it will be...

'Told ya the Super Bowl loss was way too much' or 'the Bears have a real shot of beating them in Week 1' or 'I knew that they'd miss Shanahan, 4-12 here we come...'


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Face it: The first preseason game is ALWAYS underwhelming to fans in Atlanta. We build up our expectations and don't recognize that the coaches want to see various players in a variety of game situations. It's better to know how they handle pressure than to win the game. That's why we'll likely see Garland and Schweitzer for more snaps tomorrow night, even after the first and second teams are pulled.

None of us has a clue as to whether we won the game because we don't have a clue as to what the coaches' expectations for the game are. Only Quinn and Co. will know if we won or lost.

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