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Training Camp Day 8 Tweets

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23 minutes ago, Tim Mazetti said:

Video: Takk McKinley and Jake Matthews get into a training camp scuffle

Tempers are flaring at camp and some guys just want to hit.

by Matthew Chambers@FalcoholicMatt Aug 4, 2017, 6:31pm EDT
633710342.0.jpg Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

We have been keeping a close eye on most interesting Falcon Takk McKinley, and this guy has been delivering. Seriously, this guy should be running the Atlanta Falcons twitter account immediately.

He doesn’t have time to tweet with camp. We showed you yesterday that he is making plays we don’t expect to see from rookies. It seems like Jake Matthews is getting a little frustrated, and did not want to let up his grip as quickly after the whistle as Takk wanted.

And Takk don’t play that.

Guys have been away from the family for weeks, and they have been practicing nonstop in the hot, humid Georgia summers. Some frustration was bound to boil over.

We are only a few practices into Takk’s pro career, but he sure seems to play with a mean streak. Lets hope he can keep this up and not get too many penalties in the process.


That was more like pattycake. 

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