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NFL Network at Falcons 5pm practice


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35 minutes ago, mjqvi said:

Just a heads up that NFL Network has MJD live at Falcons camp and will be showing the 5pm practice live. Usually when this crew is onsite they show a lot of footage. 

Couldn't get someone better than MJD?

i haven't seen this segment but every time he opens his mouth I shake my head. His thoughts on different topics, in the past have been crazy talk

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3 minutes ago, Falconsin2012 said:

Guys, it's the NFL Network, not the Falcons Network.  They give us lots of love so let's just appreciate them being on site

The only group I know of on NFLN that gives us love is Good Morning Football. The rest are pretty dismissive

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Something. Why are they shooting from the branch if they aren't going to show more falcons camp. It's not like they are showing multiple teams. Just browns and falcons. I seen one segment on the bills. 

3 minutes ago, D.B.N. said:

Yeah wish they would go back to Falcons coverage already 


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