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Rethinking Campbell and other musings

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I stand by my assessment that he lagged the development shown by Jones and Neal in year 1. That said, I have watched a lot of game replays in the past couple of weeks. He is BIG and Fast. The mistakes he makes are mostly getting lost in the crowd. I think time and experience will address that. My new take is that the guy is just too physically gifted and mentally strong not to make it in this league. I think the biggest thing he suffers from is being compared to a string of amazingly quick developing draft classes. He was in instant contributor here as a rookie. On any other team, the "instant contributor" tag is what would have stuck. Here he's the guy who couldn't quite keep up with Beasley, Neal and Jones. 

That is the kind of talent issues you need on a football team. When good talent is overlooked due to being surrounded by a group of freakishly fast developers, you are in a VERY good place going forward. Everyone says the key is to draft good and keep your best players. 4-5 years from now, after identifying and keeping our best players, we are going to have to watch guys walk who will instantly become the star of the next team they play for. TD will be bashed for that, but there will be 4 more draft classes of contributing rookies in place to help ease those wounds. 

As early as next year, you will see some draft emphasis switch to offense as we look for depth along the OL as a priority. Quinn will want to keep the trenches strong and deep on both sides of the ball as a long term strategy. Look where he went in free agency, center and DT. Me thinks that is more of a strategy than a coincidence. 

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