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My week of Falcon mania...

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I work security at our church. Long story short, I was standing outside Sunday before last minding my own business, and all of the sudden I happen to look on the sidewalk and Vic Beasley is walking toward me! I didn't say anything to him as I know he was trying to be incongnito and I've met him before and know he's an awesome guy. Then this past Monday, we take the family to White Water and low and behold I spot Jonathan Babineaux, who I talked with for a bit and discovered he's another amazing dude. Fast forward to Tuesday and me and my son are hanging with Matt Ryan at a meet and greet at Lenox Mall. I have pics with them but I'm on my phone but I don't know how to put them up. Just figured I'd share because rarely do I get to meet anybody cool! That being said, this past week has really got me wanting to go to the Branch to catch a practice. I'd like to know if anyone could tell me about training camp? When to be there, how long the practices last and what to bring and how to get autographs. Ive never been and Its something I've always wanted to be a part of. I may be jumping around a lot in this post I know, but I just figured I'd fit it all into one thread! 

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I've been a couple of times in the past and besides the heat it is awesome. Your kid will love it. The practices usually start around 8-9 am most days. I think Fri Aug 4th they'll be a practice at 4 pm, that's the one my father, who just moved here to Ga, and I may end up going to. You can look up the schedule easily online just google it. The players treat the kids like gold, so when it's time for autographs don't worry that'll be easy. Bring nearly anything and they'll sign it, jersey, hat whatever. They even have a dedicated time for that I believe before and after practice. I haven't been in a couple of seasons, but last time I went the food and food prices were very reasonable. Just remember that thing I said about about the heat because there isn't much shade so sunscreen up bring a big hat.

Hope this help fellow fan...

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I'm the photographer for special events..... People start arriving at the gate 2 hours prior to the gates being open at 9. You will walk to the end and up the hill and to the left. Then stay at the tent OR walk to the bottom of the field. At the end of practice you will hear the horn sound 3 times, then "some" of the players will go sign autographs to the people on the yellow line. And it is who is standing there. So if you see it start to fill up, make sure you are down there.

Drinks and food is in a big tent in the front of the complex. and I suggest to go there "after" you get your seats.

Lawn chairs, footballs are cool to bring. and you can take pictures with your cell phone. but if security feels like you are doing video they might kick you out. The security this year has completely changed to better protecting videos and etc.  


Have fun and a wonderful day. 

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