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I'm just dropping this so the peeps can see some filler before "Vic Beasley Part 2"

Let me know what you think in the comments. Do you think he will get cut? Will he make the team and be a impact player?


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Another cool vid, thanks UG!

Shelby was one of those players that was really coming on last year, till he went down in Seattle. He was a bit underrated IMO and I think he will step it up big this year, especially after not being able to help us in the SB. With so much of our attention on Poe, Grady, and Hags, I think Shelby will surprise a lot folks.

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Depending on his recovery I think it's almost a forgone conclusion that he makes the squad. He got off to a slow start adjusting to his new role with us but the few games before the injury there was a noticeable improvement in my opinion. He's definitely going to surprise a few people I think. Good example of one of the things he can bring to the table. 

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Man, this defense has some serious depth. Claiborne, Upshaw, Shelby. Solid vets. Then we have the young guys to go with them.

Someone else who impressed me both in the Super Bowl and when I saw the NFL yearly highlight film is Goodwin. He may be the 2nd best pure cover guy we have.

We just have a TON of depth on defense.

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